Volunteering Opportunities

Could you join our team of Trustees?

The Board of Trustees is currently seeking to appoint 2 new members, one of whom would have significant experience in HR. Both will be enthusiastic promoters of the charity, team players and able to give time and energy to their role.

The charity is in an exciting period of change and development and we look forward to making new appointments to the existing committed Board of Trustees.

Fenland Project

Do you live in or near Fenland? If so we are keen to hear from you. The project aims to help families who:

  • Are isolated and need support to enable them to access social activities and health appointments.
  • Need some support to build resilience and find coping strategies so that that parent child bonding improves through play and social interaction.

We have spaces for 1:1 home visiting for typically between three to six months support. We also have a group in Wisbech which encourages families to develop independence and volunteers are welcome to join our staff team on these weekly sessions.



Big Hopes Big Future (South Cambridgeshire)

Would you like to help families get ready for children starting nursery or school? We are able to provide some extra training and loads of resources so that you can visit a family with enriching toys, books, crafts and other materials so you can help parents and children with a range of issues.  This is targeted support covering anything from bedtime routines, eating and drinking unaided and using the toilet to coping with separation and accessing local services such as libraries and playgroups. Support typically lasts three to six months.

South Cambridgeshire District CouncilBig Hopes Big Future


Cambridge Group

We run a group in Chesterton where a volunteer could work alongside our staff team to help mums who are isolated and / or vulnerable to come together once a week during term time to build strong relationships, get advice and access services. The group:

  • Offer activities and creative events for children
  • Helps children socialise with peers
  • Allows children to learn how to share (toys, snacks etc)
  • Facilitates children and mothers singing and / or exercising together
  • Encourages families to develop independence

ccc-funded-com-grants-colourCambridgeshire Community Foundation


Core provision

If you feel none of the projects above are right for you then we always need 1:1 home visiting volunteers across Cambridgeshire to support families that will benefit from early intervention. We work with families who are isolated, who are recovering from domestic abuse, have mental health issues, who experience multiple births, have a disabled child or are finding coping difficult for any reason and need some extra time limited help to form relationships with their child, to build resilience and to develop skills as well as to access services and other forms of support. Volunteers will agree targets with the family and Home-Start Co-ordinator so that visits have a purpose and an aim in mind.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities please contact 01480 700242 or office@homestartcambridgeshire.co.uk