The Big 3-0 Campaign

This year marks the 30th Anniversary of Home Start support in Cambridgeshire. To mark this significant milestone we are launching ‘The Big 3-0’ campaign. We urgently need your help. Please donate as much or as little as you can. Every donation will make a difference to the families with young children that we support. All the money raised will help us to continue to support families, through weekly volunteer home visits, to deal with diverse concerns such as parental mental health issues, isolation, postnatal illness, disability, bereavement, multiple births and parenting skills. We also support families in a group setting currently in Chesterton, Cambridge and Wisbech. Our target to help us continue with this vital work is to receive £30,000:

  • 3000 donations of £3
  • 300 donations of £30
  • 30 donations of £300
  • 1 donation of £3000

£3 – could contribute towards books and resources needed to improve a child’s Readiness for School.

£30 – could enable a Family Support Volunteer to providing 1 month of vital support to families across Cambridgeshire

£300 – could fully train a Family Support Volunteer to provide emotional support to mums experiencing post-natal depression

£3000 – could fund a Family Support Group for families experiencing mental health concerns, isolation and low self-esteem for 6 months

If each person reading this gave what they could and then persuaded one other person to donate it would be a significant step towards reaching our target.

Just click below and pass the message on!

Thank you for your support.

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