Four Acre Trust Match Funding Opportunity

Four Acre Trust Photo and Text Banner

Please will you help Home-Start Cambridgeshire to match fund?

We have recently received the excellent news that The Four Acre Trust will match fund donations from new donors who give £500 (or more) before 7th September 2018.  Every donation will be matched, £ for £, and will be a fantastic boost to our income and mean more support to families with young children who are facing difficulties at a critical time in their and their children’s lives.

  • Our charity recruits, trains and supervises volunteers who make weekly visits for up to six months to families with at least one child under 5 who are going through difficult times. We offer non-judgemental emotional and practical support.
  • The most frequent reason for referral to our service is parental mental health issues, including post-natal illness. Disability, isolation, multiple births and bereavement are other main reasons why support is needed.
  • Our early intervention, preventative work is aimed at supporting families before the difficulties escalate and require more expensive, long term interventions.
  • The biggest group of referrers is Health Visitors, but GPs, Midwives, Family Workers and Social Workers are also regular referrers. Families can also self-refer.
  • We aim to help parents and their young children become more confident, independent and resilient and to participate in activities in the community leading to better life chances for all.

How to donate:

Please remember to Gift Aid if you can. This is worth a further 25% on the original donation!

Your donation would make a significant difference to families in need. Give your support before 7th September and your donation will have double the impact!

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